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10% Happier Interview with Dan Harris

Vince Horn, the co-founder of Buddhist Geeks, says when he reached nirvana, he found it "disappointing" and "anti-climactic," which set him on a new journey to map his experience... Read more »
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Open-uri20161011-3-1u4jq4v_profile Interview with Robert Wright

Robert Wright (, The Evolution of God, Nonzero) and Vincent Horn (,, Buddhist Geeks) Link to Story

Mindrolling – Ep.160 – Buddhist Geeks with Vincent Horn

Raghu gets the opportunity to chat with new found friend Vincent Horn, host of the Buddhist Geeks podcast. They discuss the interplay of technology and spiritual experience. In what ways do the internet, smartphones, and emerging technologies affect our spiritual practice and how can we utilize them to their greatest potential?
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Conducting a Process of Deep Self Inquiry through Mindfulness

In this episode of the podcast, Buddhist Geeks founder, Vincent Horn discusses how to conduct a deep process of self inquiry through mindfulness and meditation.
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Buddhism Unbundled

In this keynote from the 2014 Buddhist Geeks Conference Vincent explores the unbundling of components like meditation and mindfulness from contemporary Buddhism. He then explores the process of re-bundling and what the future of both Buddhist and Buddhist-inspired models may look like as new combinations of knowledge come together in novel, and sometimes timeless, ways.
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Stop and See: Mind hacking, Meditation, and Leadership

The Reboot Podcast episode #11 on Mind Hacking, Meditation and Leadership with Vincent Horn. Podcast Link to Story

Buddhist Geeks and The Future Earth Initiative

Vincent Horn and Buddhist Geeks (4:42): On October 16th the Buddhist Geek Conference comes to boulder. Founder Vincent Horn speaks to us about how mindfulness, compassion and contemplative practice can be integrated into the technical world.
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Geeks, Apps and Buddha

During this weeks radio show you will learn about: - Buddhist Geeks and what they do for the global community - Mindhackers - Where spirituality is headed with the exponential growth of technology - The Buddhify App - Mind-positive technology
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Mindhacking: Finding Serenity in a Tech-Obsessed World

Join our host Manoush Zomorodi for a "digital detox" at the intersection of Buddhism and technology. Like many tech lovers who find it hard to unplug, she couldn't manage to power off her iPad during a recent home renovation project: "Just one more pin of Scandinavian kitchens or herringbone hardwood floors," she would plead with herself.
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Lead A Contemplative Life In A Technical World

HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. As part of our ongoing series, we talk to Vincent Horn, co-founder of Buddhist Geeks, a media project that deals with the convergence of Buddhism, culture and technology.
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Mindful Cyborgs Meets Buddhist Geeks

This week on Mindful Cyborgs Chris Dancy and interview Vincent Horn co-founder the Buddhist Geeks community and co-host of the podcast of the same name. Here's an excerpt: KF:       Cool.
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Vincent Horn

Vincent Horn is part of a new generation of teachers translating age-old wisdom into 21st century code. A computer engineering dropout turned modern monk, Vincent spent his 20s co-founding and running Buddhist Geeks while doing a full year of silent meditation practice. Having come back to the world with open hands he continues to podcast and teach through Buddhist Geeks and helps hack minds at Vincent has been called a “power player of the mindfulness movement” by Wired magazine and was honored to be featured in Wired UK’s “Smart List 2012: 50 people who will change the world.” He is married to the super-fly Emily Horn and is father to a little boy named Zander.